miércoles, 2 de febrero de 2011

You are a FIREWORK !

wao, this is a song with an important mensage  to learn about the life... sometimes we belive that be diferents is bad , if we are fat , short this is not the imporant in the life , the important is the heart and the soul of the people.

with the problems of the life  people think  is the end of the world , but is not the correct form of see thats problems , we need to know God is ever with us , that we can pass the bads times of the life with I big smile only not in the face in the heart to, we are like a firework ever shining , and people see of us what we show of us, we have to learn see inside the people.

Welcome to my blog !

hi , my name is mariam Im a student of urbe , Im in the second level d201.

Im 17 years old , I live in maracaibo ,  in a country called Venezuela , I live with my mom , my father , my sister and my nephew. I study Laws I really like my carerr , and a I hope finish that in a short time.

Im a very happy girl , I like go out with my friends I really like parties , I like the pool and movies, I hate vegetables I cant eat that because is the worst to me.....

About the music I love reggeaton hahahhaha , I like ricardo arjona , Luis fonsi and voz veis , this is a group of venezuela.

I hope you visit my blog... :)

martes, 18 de enero de 2011

Hello People ! Welcome to my Blog

In this blog I`m going to post my school work. I`m in the second level of the English program at URBE. Im am in  D-201

Hi  Friends ,my name is Mariam , But you can call me Mari , Im 17 years old . Im from Venezuela I live in a city called Maracaibo. Im A law student , I like English and I want to meet new friends in this blog.

I am a friendly girl , I love my family , my mom , my dad and my sister are the world for me because I think the family is the most importan thing in this life. I love going with my friends, I like go to the movies , parties , friend´s house , pool because I love been with my friends all the time that I can.

about food I like the pasta , I love this food , I like pizza , hamburger you know fast food jajaja, I hate vegetables. My favorite caind of music is reggeton jajaj I like dance , I love ricardo arjona , Luis Fonsi and Vos veis , Vos veis is a group of venezuela.

I hope you visit my blog and  we can be friends.